Students from USA and Italy Share their Experiences at Hunimed

Nadia Benincasa and Massimiliano Marinoni are in their 2nd year of the international medical degree program at Hunimed. They come from the United States and from Italy, respectively. Their shared desire to pursuit a degree and gain knowledge brought them to Hunimed where they have come to experience a course that they describe as “Rigorous, time consuming yet fascinating. Strenuous, intense but it is also very exciting.”

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Here’s a summary of their main answers:

What surprised you about Hunimed?

Nadia: I was surprised that we were able to create a nice environment amongst ourselves, amongst the students. 

Massimiliano: I came here and I noticed there is a lot that you can take advantage of by having a small community where you can get to know a lot of the people. 

Do you enjoy small group activities?

Nadia: small group activities can be difficult, but also very rewarding. 

Massimiliano: I think group activities are the best way to see if you are on the right track. 

What’s your experience with oral exams? How do you prepare for them?

Nadia: Coming from the US we are not accustomed to oral exams, but I think it is really important for us to be able to express our thoughts in functional sentences and we are gonna use it a lot in the future. It’s a great learning experience. In my opinion the most efficient way to prepare is to repeat things out loud constantly and find someone you enjoy studying and repeating with.

Massimiliano: Professors are not there to put you in a difficult spot, they’re there to help you. It’s just a way for you to prepare in a different manner.

Do you feel supported by professors?

Nadia: Yes, there is a lot of support from the faculty and all of the staff in general. 

Massimiliano: It is always easy to get in touch with the professor when something is not clear.

Do you run any extra activity?

Nadia: I found it very interesting to see the other side of medicine. We get see what is behind the scenes, and behind all the new drugs that are coming out. 

Massimiliano: The most entertaining activity we had recently was the multicultural dinner, were we had student from different parts of the world come and prepare their food.  


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