Welcome Alumni

Humanitas University would like to invite everyone to stay in touch with the Institution by joining the new Hunimed Alumni Community, aimed not only at cultivating and strengthening a sense of belonging to Hunimed, but also at building a bridge between Humanitas University and the working world. The Alumni Community main purpose is to collect and share the great wealth of experiences, skills and professionalism of the Alumni.


As a point of reference, Humanitas University is able to support its graduates in their careers through the core values of the University, with ideals and models to follow and from which to draw inspiration every day.

In this respect, Hunimed Alumni Community is willing to support the development of projects in terms of experience sharing, teaching, research and the third mission, in a fruitful and continuous exchange that also involves national and international realities connected to the University.

We are looking for people interested in giving back to others, sharing their experiences, and building opportunities around Humanitas University to improve and support the knowledge, the culture and the social impact of each individual through networking and exchange.

A community can do what a single cannot achieve alone! Indeed, networking, sharing knowledge and comparing are key elements for daily improvement.


  • to promote cultural and professional growth
  • to carry out training courses and seminars for the professional development of the Alumni
  • to create networking activities
  • to act as a proactive part of a continuous process of cultural and scientific advancement and integration, also at international levels
  • to foster a sense of belonging among current students enrolled in the final years of their degree courses and Hunimed Alumni
  • to offer orientation services to young Alumni and students in their final years of study
  • to support incoming orientation for students who have to make up their mind about a profession

    Unisciti alla Community Alumni


    The Hunimed Alumni Community includes all graduates as well as holders of PhDs and Specialisation School diplomas from Humanitas University.

    Being part of the Hunimed Alumni Community means being able to benefit from a series of specific advantages and services. All graduates who have updated their profile can avail of free benefits, such as:

    • stay in touch with your friends and colleagues and the whole Alumni community
    • send messages to other registered Alumni
    • receive invitations to events, seminars and training activities
    • benefit from special rates for training courses organized by Humanitas University
    • access all services and benefits reserved for Hunimed Alumni Community 

    In order to become a member and obtain access to several dedicated services, it is mandatory to accept the regulation policy and upload your data on Humanitas University website and HU Alumni App.

    HU Aumni App

    In order to facilitate the interaction within the Community, HU Alumni App is the app designed to help you keep in contact with the University and all its members, enabling Alumni around the world to stay in touch with each other.

    You will be able to search for members by name, year of the graduation, professional role, specialisation and country. HU Alumni App will also allow you to order your degree certificates or diplomas; to keep you up to date with the latest events, seminars and training activities organised ad-hoc for the Community or reserved for Humanitas staff; to book a place and to connect online to the streaming session.

    Moreover, the app will allow you to receive a special rate for all events, training courses and seminars organised by Humanitas Edu

    Alumni Directory

    By entering your username and password, you will access your profiling form to update your data with a few clicks.

    Within your profile, in addition to contact and personal data, you will be able to fill in some fields concerning your professional and geographical areas of interest: by choosing one or more of these fields, through Hunimed Alumni Community, we will be able to send you targeted communications about your interests and the scheduled initiatives.

    Moreover, through the directory other students or Alumni might ask to get in touch with you, the more your data are updated the easier it will be to start networking and contributing to the creation of the Alumni Community.


    There are several services available to all members of the Alumni Community, such as:

    • Lifelong email address
    • Microsoft 365: Alumni can activate an Office 365 account, thus obtaining the possibility to install Office on up to 5 devices (pc, mac or mobile devices) and to access Office 365 services, in addition to 1Tb of online storage space on Onedrive. Eligible students can use the plan until graduation or registration to the Alumni Community
    • Seminars and training activities
    • Access to Humanitasedu.it offers with a special rate
    • Reunions and networking activities
    • Newsletter

    Personal Involvement

    All members of Hunimed Alumni Community are invited to play an active role by suggesting topics for seminars and lectures, giving talks, becoming a mentor for younger students, organizing reunions, writing an article for the newsletter and more.

    The Community can grow only if each member is committed. Looking forward to welcoming you there!


    Hunimed Alumni Office has been created in order to define, create and develop ad-hoc activities and keep an open dialogue among the University, the Alumni Community, Humanitas as a whole and other institutions and companies.

    The community is part of Humanitas University and is supported through the provision of its professional energies and its resources, including economic and financial resources. The University promotes and supports the creation of Hunimed Alumni Community as a permanent process to be projected through the whole of a person’s professional life, promoting  the continuous acquisition of new knowledge in order to foster flexibility, knowledge sharing, team working, and a multicultural approach for the development of a connected world.

    The Alumni Community can also be structured in groups according to interests: internal aggregations can be established for specific professional, cultural or disciplinary interests.

    If you would like to find out more about the Hunimed Alumni Community, send an email to alumni@hunimed.eu or fill in the form at the top of the page to join the Community.


    Humanitas is a highly specialized Hospital, Research and Teaching Center. Built around centers for the prevention and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular, neurological and orthopedic disease – together with an Ophthalmic Center and a Fertility Center – Humanitas also operates a highly specialised Emergency Department.