The Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center, one of the largest and most technologically advanced centers in Europe, offers a unique 360° training experience

Innovation, technology, and a 360° experience make the Humanitas training center stand out.
Spread over 3000 sq.m., the center features state-of-the-art technology, innovative teaching methods, and highly-realistic training facilities to offer experiential and reflective learning to a wide range of customers.

Anatomy Lab  Our courses  The CUBE

The Simulation Center

The Campus hosts a high-fidelity Simulation Center, an Anatomy Laboratory, a full-size Conference Center and an experimental Training and Skill CUBE.

The Center is the first of its kind in Italy to integrate clinical experience from the hospital, cutting-edge scientific research from the University and hands-on excellence from the Humanitas Training Center. Benefiting from the co-location of University, Hospital and Research Center, the center offers state-of-the-art educational courses and hands-on workshops to students, residents and professionals.

The field and technology of medical simulation has advanced rapidly in the last years. This allows us to reproduce many clinical scenarios, as well as the dynamics of the interaction between healthcare professionals and/or between healthcare professionals and patients.

Within the 3,000 square meters dedicated to simulation and hands-on anatomy laboratories, participants around the globe can immerse themselves in technical and non-technical (teamwork, leadership, communication, etc.) skill training. Innovative technology is used to conduct experimental teaching activities in medicine and surgery and to study anatomy via a 3D virtual anatomy catalogue.

Advised by leading international experts, our simulation activities combine high-fidelity and virtual reality simulators, screens to immerge in live surgical broadcasts from the hospital rooms and auditoriums of various sizes, foyers and welcome desks.


Vision & Mission
To drive a new area of personalized and experimental training.
Providing educational innovation and excellence to students, health care professionals, and industry around the globe; with the aim of transforming knowledge into first-class practical skills by creating a proactive, hands-on 360° training experience.

The Facilities

Available Space

  • 3 high-fidelity simulation rooms
  • 2 medium-low-fidelity simulation rooms
  • 4 multifunctional rooms for education and/or debriefing
  • 3 control booths
  • 1 physiotherapy lab
  • 1 anatomy lab
  • 3 conference rooms with seating capacity for up to 500 people

All the simulation rooms, the anatomy lab, the conference rooms and the auditorium are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-video systems and are interconnected, thereby guaranteeing maximum interactivity between the various spaces during the course of the event.

The Simulation Center also provides space for companies to reproduce clinical scenarios or test train medical equipment launched within a modern hospital.  The center is set up to replicate hospital rooms, operating theatres, emergency services, and endoscopy and angiography suites, among many other settings.

With over 250 courses per year, we have the expertise to tailor courses to individual needs and requirements – from large-scale conferences to practical workshops, from labs for young doctors to industry meetings, from training clinical skills to conducting translational research.

An on-site accommodation with a fitness room, library, parking, and a designated premium event catering completes our unique offer.




The Center offers virtual and augmented reality, 3-D learning, live surgery streaming, and simulation activities of different fidelity levels:
Low Fidelity: Task trainers to build specific skills, e.g. cannula or tube insertion, basic CPR skills.
Medium Fidelity: Laparoscopic simulator boxes, Basic and Advanced Life Support courses, Suturing Skill Table, Airway and Emergency Simulator, etc.
High Fidelity: Most realistic experience like the anatomy lab to practice on human specimens, and computer-based mannequins and realistic environments to mimic operating rooms, emergency wards or interventional departments.

Meet the Team

A dedicated team supports every part of the planning – from ideation to course design, from logistics to technical support, from customer management to in-depth analytics.


Simulation Team

Business Development Manager

Federico Pollio

Event Manager

Leonardo Zingoni

Scientific Coordinator, M.D. Anastehesia and Intensive Care

Dr. Federico Barra

Project Manager

Dr. Claudia Ebm

Simulation Specialist  

Fabio Carfagna


Event Management Specialist

Laura Luraschi

Event Specialist

Riccardo Vailati




Dr. Tommaso Bonanzinga

Arthroscopic Simulation Tutor


Dr. Luca Viganò

Dr. Pietro Riva


Dr. Armando De Virgilio


Dr. Luca Carenzo


Dr. Lorenzo Barra



Dr. Ana Lleo De Nalda





The Luzzatto family’s commitment to the Simulation Center

Humanitas University’s Simulation Center is dedicated to Mario Luzzatto, internationally well-known businessman, artist, and philanthropist, who died in 2012.

His commitment to health research brought Humanitas to his attention, making a generous donation to the latter.

Humanitas University has dedicated to Luzzatto the philanthropist this innovative center, whose value to medical education is enormous.

Luzzatto Simulation Center

Via Rita Levi Montalcini 4
Pieve Emanuele (MI)

Phone: 02.82242249




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