Fees & Scholarships

The amount of tuition fees is determined annually by the University. To attract the most deserving and motivated students, Humanitas University offers 2 scholarships for the first year, and 1 scholarship from the second year onwards.

Physiotherapy fees

The tuition fee system in Humanitas University varies according to the income and wealth of the student’s family. There are four contribution ranges, determined according to an income and wealth indicator (ISEP) based on the students’ conventional household. See the calculation formula

The fees indicated are annual and cover the full cost of the course. They do not include accommodation, food, books or other services. More information on accommodation can be found on this page.

First Below 30 2.656
Second From 30 to 55 4.156
Third From 55 to 80 5.156
Fourth Above 80 6.156


Fees & Scholarships Documents

Fees and Scholarships a.y. 2024/2025

University Fees Regulation a.y. 24/25

Fees and Scholarships a.y. 2023/2024

University Fees Regulation a.y. 23/24

Scholarships Rules and Regulations a.y. 23/24


In order to attract the most deserving students, Humanitas University finances a scholarship programme based on the evaluation of the student’s merit and income requirements.

For students enrolled in the first year of the a.y. 2023/2024 2 full-ride scholarships funded by Humanitas University are available. For further information, see the Call for Scholarships a.y. 2023/2024.

For the academic year 2023/2024, 1 scholarship funded by Humanitas University in memory of Dr. Adalberto Cortesi is also available for students enrolled for the first time in their first year in the academic year 2022/2023. The scholarship, worth € 5,000, is awarded according to merit and income requirements. All students who meet these requirements are automatically considered eligible for the scholarship. For detailed information, please consult the Adalberto Cortesi Scholarship Regulations.


Q: How is the Adalberto Cortesi Scholarship awarded?

The scholarship is awarded from the second year of the course and is calculated based on the results achieved during the first year, according to the formula set out in Article 4 of the 2020 Scholarship Regulations. The criteria considered are:

  • minimum average GPA: 25/30
  • number of credits achieved – minimum requirement: 41
  • ISEP range

Q: How is the Humanitas University scholarship awarded?

The scholarship is awarded from the first year of the course and is based on a ranking which takes into consideration the results of the entrance test, the final grade and the ISEE value.

Q: What is the value of the Adalberto Cortesi grant?

The value of the scholarship is €5,000 per year and corresponds to a reduction in university fees; in addition, the student receives the surplus by bank transfer.

Q: What is the value of the Humanitas University grant?

The value of the grant is full coverage of the student’s university fees.

Student Loan

per Merito Intesa Sanpaolo

Humanitas University is committed on a daily basis to offering its contribution to students motivated to embark on a path of study, growth and autonomy.

For this reason an agreement has been signed with Intesa Sanpaolo, in order to make all students aware of the credit solution devised by the bank that enables them to broaden their skills and, at the same time, allow them to face their course of study with peace of mind.

The Per Merito loan, worth a maximum of € 8,000 per year* for up to five years, can be disbursed in six-monthly installments to students regularly enrolled and resident in Italy from the first year of their course, if they meet the following requirements:

Students enrolled in the first year of the course
Diploma mark of 85/100 or higher:

– Regular payment of tuition fees

Diploma mark of less than 85/100:

– Regular payment of tuition fees and

– 80% of examinations or 20 CFUs obtained in the first academic semester

Students enrolled in subsequent years
– Regular payment of tuition fees and

– 80% of the examinations or 20 CFUs obtained in the previous academic semester

*€ 4,000 for on-site students, i.e. residents in the same municipality in which the educational activity is carried out (headquarters or branch office).

Maintenance requirements

  • Regular payment of tuition fees and
  • 80% of the examinations or 20 CFUs obtained in the previous academic semester

Features of the loan

  • duration of the loan: max. 5 years
  • duration of the “Bridge Period”: max. 2 years
  • duration of the loan repayment plan at the end of the “Bridge Period”: min. 6 months and max. 30 years

In order to apply for the loan

  1. Click on the button below “Apply for the loan”
  2. From the Intesa Sanpaolo website, click on “Verify requirements”
  3. Log in to your Intesa account
  4. Select “Other University”
  5. Select “Humanitas University”.


Interested students can obtain further information by contacting Intesa Sanpaolo directly.

Income range assessment for enrolled students

Humanitas University offers support in the calculation of the student’s income range, which involves:

  1. uploading of relevant documentation through the web application (mandatory to request the assessment);
  2. final verification of documentation with our consultants.

To access the application, register with your Hunimed email address; you will receive a link to create your access password:

Calculate your range

See the ISEP handbook


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