Humanitas University welcomes and encourages applications from talented students from all over the world.

In this page, you will find the steps you need to follow in order to send your application and all the key information regarding the admission test.

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How to Apply

The application can be done following the 2-step online procedure described below:

  1. Registration to Humanitas University webportal and test enrolment (My Portal)
  2. Completion of the test enrolment on the Politecnico Milano website

The application will be confirmed only if you complete the two above-mentioned steps.

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1. Registration to Humanitas University MyPORTAL

a. The candidate must register online to receive a username and a password; the username and password will be necessary to access the personal page on Humanitas University MyPORTAL;
b. Candidates must apply for the test on Myportal by using his/her username and password according the timeline reported above. The candidate is required to choose one of the test centres reported in Art. 14.


2. Finalization of the test registration on the Politecnico Milano website

a. Test applycation has to be completed on the Politecnico Milano website to which the candidate will be automatically redirected having done the registration and payed the test fee on the Humanitas University MyPORTAL. When completing the application the candidate will receive a Personal Code and a Password to bring the test day to start the test. Be aware that Personal Code and a Password received from Politecnico are different from username and password received from Humanitas University.
b. Application Certificate. Having completed the application each candidate will receive a confirmation e-mail with the test starting time, the test address and the room assigned to sit the test. Candidates are advised to print the enrolment certificate and to bring it when sitting the test. The have also to memorize or to note down the password received from Politecnico Milano as needed to start the test.

Are you having problems with the registration process? Contact

2020 Test center

Humanitas University has made the decision to switch the admissions test into a home-based administered test, i.e. remotely-held at the candidate’s primary residence or any other place chosen by the candidate.


Admission Test

The Admission Test takes place in September (date TBC) and it lasts 100 minutes. It consists of a multiple-choice test, entirely in English.

The test will include questions on mathematics, verbal logic, physics, chemistry, biology, technical-scientific culture. The test is designed to capture the aptitude and propensity of candidates to study both hard science for Engineering and Life Sciences for Medicine.

Language Recommendations

English language recommendations

All classroom activities at Humanitas Medical School are held in English. To fully understand and benefit from your degree course, a good level of English in all skills is required.  It is, therefore, strongly recommended that applicants to Humanitas Medical School have reached an adequate level of English language competency: Common European Framework of Reference   (CEFR) B2.

Italian Language Recommendations

The University provides free Italian courses over the academic year to support international students.

By the beginning of the third year, when clinical activities start, students are expected to have reached a good level of Italian to be able to interact with patients.

Non-EU Admission Requirements

  • Having a NON-EU citizenship***
  • Having NO additional Italian citizenship
  • Not living in Italy

***Please note that citizens of United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the Republic of San Marino are equated to European students.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • A high school diploma, or other recognised qualifications obtained abroad
  • Passing of admissions test

Specific requirements apply to UK, US, IB and other diplomas. 

For candidates holding UK diplomas

  • 3 A-levels in Science related subjects

For candidates holding International Baccalaureate diplomas

  • IB obtained after 12 years of education
  • IBs obtained after 11 years of schooling integrated with 1 year of university

If you attended the Italian track you qualify as EU student, regardless of your citizenship.

 For candidates holding Greek diplomas

  • “Apolityrion” score higher than 10 out of 20

For Candidates Holding US Diplomas

  • 3 APs (Advanced Placements) in Science related subjects or
  • two years of college education or
  • one year of college education and 4 APs (as above).

For Candidates Holding Other Diplomas

Minimum entry requirements will be reported in the relevant Calls for Applications.


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