Medical professional training @ Hunimed: welcome to the Wuhan University delegation!

_70B1596Until January 20th 2016 Humanitas University will host the medical professional training program “Autumn School: innovative techniques for clinical challenges”, addressed to 12 medical doctors of Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University (Hubei region, China).

The Autumn School has been conceived as a medical professional training program where participants observe and learn from Italian top clinical doctors of Humanitas and discuss about emerging challenges with Humanitas University professors.

The aim of the program is to acquire innovative techniques in the fields of medical treatment, education, scientific research and hospital management.  

The Chinese delegation will also be involved in lectures and training activities in Italy with the objective of increasing their medical knowledge and directly observing Humanitas professionals.

Here are some pictures of their Welcome day, when they got to tour the hospital and meet with the board for the first time.

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