Zanetti and Maldini, Captains Courageous @ Hunimed, May 13th 2015

University education, sport and medicine have many aspects in common.

We have found them out today, May 13th 2015, in Humanitas University with two special guests: Paolo Maldini and Javier Zanetti. The two great defenders and captains have starred together with Dr. Piero Volpi, Humanitas Orthopedic, and Prof. Alberto Mantovani, Humanitas Scientific Director and Humanitas University Professor, in the talk “Captains Courageous”, organized by Humanitas University for Universiday, the event series promoted by Corriere della Sera addressing all the students of the Milanese Universities.

What does it take to become a champion? And a successful doctor?

talkPaolo Maldini: “When I was a guy, I had no idea what being talented meant. Though I had a great passion. That started everything. Above certain levels, talent is indispensable, but it is not enough without passion and sacrifice.”

Besides the three basic pillars – talent, passion and committment – sport and medicine share many other values: good example (to follow and to set), honesty, humilityteam play and finally respect, the basis of any successful team – says Javier Zanetti.

Team play is fundamental also in the wards or in the labs, especially in facing modern diseases, which are getting more and more complex – adds Prof. Alberto Mantovani. 

“Paolo Maldini and Javier Zanetti have been two great champions, two football flags, because they have never stopped, they have kept improving themselves also at the end of their career, despite all the incredible results obtained. A good doctor should do the same: stay curious and never give up increasing his knowledge” underlines Dr. Piero Volpi.



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