Why take care of a human being? Humanitas University Bioethics Course has started

Following last year’s cycle called “Medice cura te ipsum”, Humanitas University has decided to offer its medical, nursing and physiotherapy students a training course entirely dedicated to bioethics. This course, directed by Prof. Maria Luisa Di Pietro and Prof. Raffaello Furlan, includes 16 seminars, scheduled from May 2017 to June 2020 at Humanitas Congress Centre.

Humanitas University Bioethics Course: aims, methods and purposes:

The aim of this course is to stimulate reflection on the ethical issues related to the life and health sciences, by interacting with clinical realities.

Technical-scientific skills must always be integrated with a profound sensitivity regarding the problems of the suffering human being and the sense of ethical-social responsibility: this is the starting point of the systematic bioethical pathway that the course want to create.

Methods and purposes of these seminars include:

  • the identification of the ethical problems emerged in the development of experimental sciences;
  • the knowledge of the anthropological and ethical foundations on which healthcare decision-making is based;
  • the discussion of clinical cases.

Critical conscience of technological society: the first seminar

The first seminar of the cycle was held today, with Adriano Pessina, Professor of Moral Philosophy and Director of the University Center for Bioethics at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Milan, lecturing on “Bioethics: critical conscience of technological society”.

Read our interview to Prof. Pessina.

Next seminars, focusing on human rights and doctor-patient relationship are scheduled for October and December 2017.

Read the full 2017 program.


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