2018 Medicine Admissions & Scholarships for non-European students

2018 Medical Admissions Test for non-EU students will be UKCAT and will take place on March 27th, April 4th, April 12th in 40 locations worldwide.

In order to apply, you just have to fill in Humanitas Application Form, choose your test date and location and pay the test fee of 135€ within April 5th.

Limited seats per test center: apply asap to sit the test in your city!

If you already sat the UKCAT in July-October 2017, you do not need to sit the test again: just submit your results.


How to get ready for the test

Humanitas University offers an intensive one-week preparation course designed to help students face the upcoming UKCAT test and the following university degree. The course is focused on logical and critical reasoning.

Next edition will take place from February 12th to 16th in Milan, at Humanitas University Campus.

Last days to apply: read more about the Medical School Preparation Week

Upon applying for Humanitas UKCAT you will also receive a discount code for Kaplan’s UKCAT Self Study course, including full-length practice tests, hours of tuition, personalised score reports, a strategy book and more.  



10 scholarships worth up to 10.000€ per year are available for those students who will rank in the first 10 positions of the test ranking. How to participate? Just apply for Humanitas UKCAT! 


Education Requirements

  • High school diploma obtained after at least 12 years of education
  • US: 3 APs (Advanced Placements) in Medicine and Science related subjects
  • UK: 3 A levels in medicine and science related subject with a minimum grade of B
  • International Baccalaureate: IB score of 36 is accepted. In the last year of high school grades should be 6 (out of 7) or above of at least in two subjects among math, physics, chemistry and biology

Read the complete list of requirements.


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