Thinking of studying at Humanitas University?

Humanitas University is the largest independent international Medical School in Italy, built alongside Humanitas Research Hospital, a center that is renowned across Europe for its excellent standard of healthcare and advanced research.
Listen to our international students – coming from 31 countries worldwide – to find out more about the degree courses available and life here at Hunimed.

In this video Naz (Turkey) and Louis (France) share their experiences as medical students at Humanitas University: the key features that make studying medicine at Hunimed unique, typical study and clinical rotation activities, the role of tutors and professors, daily life at Hunimed and special opportunities offered by the university.

The course is a 6-year university programme, taught exclusively in English. From the first year, theoretical interdisciplinary modules are integrated with hands-on experience and simulation activities. Humanitas University can count on an excellent International Faculty including Nobel Prize winners, 70 professors and more than 150 clinical tutors who closely follow students during their training in the hospital. Humanitas Degree allows students to work as medical doctors in the EU and abroad.

Campus, accommodations and services

The new Humanitas University Campus, located in a green area just a few steps away from the hospital, covers a total area of over 20.000 square meters, including a last generation Simulation Center of about 1.000 mq, student accommodations, high-tech laboratories and classrooms, international canteen, sport facilities.
Students are carefully assisted by a multilingual Student Office through the whole application process, from the first contact to the VISA procedure up to their settlement in Italy. More about Hunimed Campus and Services.

Full of life, welcoming, futuristic and organized” just some of the attributes international students use to describe us.

Hunimed’s overview by a medical graduate from UK

“It’s such a large platform to launch your career!”

Daniel Yiu, Hunimed medical graduate from Scotland, shares his experience at Hunimed, from the international environment to the quality of education up to study abroad experiences.
He finally gives his advice for future medical students.

Studying @ Hunimed: the voice to a German student

“It has in itself a Hospital and a Research Center, so many professors are actually doctors and researchers inside the Hospital and the Research Center and this gives you very strong connections. Because we have smaller classes there’s a much more focused attention of the professors to the individual students.”

George, 2nd year Hunimed medical student from Hannover, Germany, shares his thoughts about studying and living at Humanitas University and leaves a final message to a German student who is thinking of studying here.

Studying @ Hunimed: the voice to a Greek student

“I love living in Milan! This Campus offers many opportunities for the students to learn and enjoy.”

Studying @ Hunimed: the voice to a French student

“In my opinion the main strenght of this University is to provide you with a great environment in order to have complete studies, to get clinical experience, to get lab experience, to meet a lot of people from around the world.”

Studying @ Hunimed: the voice to a Spanish student

“Studying at Hunimed opened my eyes to the different possibilities of being a doctor, not only the hospital life, but also research, and it’s something I’m hoping to explore in the future.”

Studying @ Hunimed: the voice to a US / Canadian student

“What I would say to Americans interested in studying medicine is to definitely explore Humanitas before they look to a bachelor’s program; coming directly out of high school could save you a lot of years! The course prepares you well for medicine and I don’t find it difficult to come back to America for a residency.”

“The biggest plus is the amount of years we spend within the hospital compared to an american university.”

Ciara and Amanda, 1st year Hunimed medical students from US and Canada respectively, share their thoughts about studying and living at Humanitas University, describing a typical day, lectures, facilities and services.


Medical School Scholarship Winner from Kenya

“I was really impressed not only by the world-class facilties but also by the world-class staff, lecturers and tutors.”

Maxine (Kenya) ranked in the top 10 positions of the admission test ranking and thus won a scholarship to attend Humanitas University Medicine and Surgery Degree course.
Listen to her first impressions of Humanitas University.

Medical Scholarship Winners from US, Pakistan and Fiji

Rachel (US), Nabeeha (Pakistan), Celeste (Fiji Islands) ranked in the top 10 positions of the admission test ranking and thus won a scholarship to attend Humanitas University Medicine and Surgery Degree course. Listen to their first impressions of Humanitas University!

Modern, clean-cut, with a strong basis in research” just some of the keywords these international students used to describe us.

Students from India and Sudan share their experiences

Through this interview, we are able to better understand the perspectives of Subharsee Biswas from India and Omar Abu Agla from Sudan.

Dear prospective student, if you are looking for a course which will fascinate you which will challenge you, and will make you fall in love with the subject more every single day, then please do consider Humanitas University. There are amazing people, amazing professors, amazing friends, and of course the city of Milan is absolutely magical!”

Studying @Hunimed: insights from a Israeli student

Naamah Leah, 1st year Hunimed medical student from Israel, explains why she chose Milan and Humanitas University to become a doctor and shares her thoughts about our course and life here at Hunimed.


Humanitas is a highly specialized Hospital, Research and Teaching Center. Built around centers for the prevention and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular, neurological and orthopedic disease – together with an Ophthalmic Center and a Fertility Center – Humanitas also operates a highly specialised Emergency Department.