World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies: Humanitas is the first Italian Training Center

Meetings and updates on the most innovative neurosurgical techniques with 35 neurosurgeons from 22 countries, scholarships for young talents, the hyper-connected operating theatre of the future from Japan: it happened at Humanitas University on February  8th,9th and 10th, with the first Italian meeting of the WFNS, the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies.

The WFNS collects 45.000 neurosurgeons and is headed by Prof. Franco Servadei, neurosurgeon of Humanitas and professor of Humanitas University.

For this event, 35 super experts of the Federation from Spain, Algeria, Japan, Brazil, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Morocco, USA, Kenya, China, India, South Africa, Abu Dabi, Croatia, Uruguay, Romania, Taiwan, Germany, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Switzerland, gathered together.

Professor Akio Morita, from Nippon S  chool of Medicine in Japan, also presented the operating theatre of the future: all the last generation instruments interconnected, from surgical robots to intraoperative tac, a neurophysiological navigation system up to a special intelligent chair that moves along with the surgeon, following and supporting his movements. 

Humanitas as an excellence in the neurosurgical field

Humanitas has become part of WFNS’s international training facilities thanks to the experience of its team, with more than 2500 surgical interventions per year and one of the best technological equipment in Europe.

“I am very happy that this training, which brings together the world’s best neurosurgeons, has been held in Humanitas,” said Prof. Servadei. “Our hospital stands out for its quality and excellence in the neurosurgical field, as evidenced by recent results obtained both in the clinical field and in research, together with its entry into the Federation’s international training network. The World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies has always had the objective of supporting the training of young neurosurgeons in countries that need it, such as South-East Asia and Africa”.

Humanitas has already hosted training neurosurgeons from Indonesia, China and Nepal. Neurosurgeons from India and Congo are expected by 2018.


Humanitas is a highly specialized Hospital, Research and Teaching Center. Built around centers for the prevention and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular, neurological and orthopedic disease – together with an Ophthalmic Center and a Fertility Center – Humanitas also operates a highly specialised Emergency Department.