Video Series “Interviews on Medical Education” – Prof. Nahum Goldberg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

In this video S. Nahum Goldberg, MD, FSIR, Vice-Chairman for Research in the Department of Radiology at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School, answers our questions on medical education and professional growth:

  • Humanitas University invests yearly in innovation and technology and it’s currently building a new campus with an advanced simulation center.
    How important are technology and simulation in medical education and in treatments?
  • Are there any trends in medicine that could influence the choice of the residency?
  • Which is the role of research and publications in a medical career?

Prof. Nahum Goldberg concludes with his advice for choosing your future medical school:

Prof. Nahum Goldberg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

More video interviews on medical education coming soon.

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