Video Series “Interviews on Medical Education” – Prof. Constantinos T. Sofocleous, Weill Cornell Medical College (USA)

In this video Prof. Constantinos T. Sofocleous, MD, PhD, Interventional Radiologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Professor of Radiology at Weill Cornell Medical College (USA), answers our questions on medical education and professional growth:

  • How important is studying / training abroad in medical education?
  • Humanitas University’s curriculum is based on an interdisciplinary approach: how important is this in medicine?
  • Humanitas University is investing in a simulation center: how important are technology and simulation in medical education?
  • Are there any trends in medicine that could influence the choice of the residency?

Prof. Constantinos T. Sofocleous concludes with his advice for choosing your future medical school:

Prof Constantinos T. Sofocleous, interviewed by Humanitas University


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