Students from Turkey and Canada Share their Experiences at Hunimed

Naz Tuzger and Baris Emre come from Turkey and Canada respectively. In this video they share with us their fresh and insightful perspectives as 1st year students enrolled in the international medical degree program of Humanitas University.

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Here’s a summary of Naz’s and Baris’s main answers. 

Why did you choose Hunimed?

Naz: I wanted to study medicine in Europe. I found some opportunities in Italy and Hungary. When I visited the school and met the faculty and saw the research opportunities and how warm everyone was, I decided to come here.

Baris: I chose Humanitas because I always wanted to study in Europe. Being from North America, I wanted something different. I found out about Humanitas and really liked the reputation that it had.

How do you find living in Italy?

Naz: It is really nice. People are extra warm. The school helps us with any accommodation problems, bureaucracy problems so we settled in really nicely.

Baris: I absolutely love Italy. It has everything you could possibly ask for. It has the food, the culture, the history and the people have been extremely nice and courteous. Italy so far has been absolutely wonderful.

Where do your mates come from?

Naz: People from all over the world. My best friends are Spanish, Korean, French, American… there is people from everywhere.

Baris: My classmates come from all over the world. We even have people from Australia, who come all the way here to Italy. We have a good amount of Canadians and Americans.

Do you feel supported by staff and professors?

Naz: The professors usually know your name, and so you feel supported and the need to study more. You can approach them anytime. You can email them.

Baris: Absolutely, the professors have been great, they are very warm you can approach them with any question you may have. We have a wonderful student office here that has helped us so well with the transition into Italy. 

Do you run extra activities?

Naz: I try to join clubs, I’m trying to join the school radio now. There are so many things you can do you, you don’t have to do something constantly to enjoy it. Apart from that, I draw on my own.

Baris: I organize football with the classmates every Saturday morning.



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