Students from Lebanon Share their Experiences at Hunimed

While studying here at Hunimed, you are exposed to people from all over the world. Humanitas University is a truly unique place where international students can meet in the learning environment that warmly welcomes them all. 

Traveling a long distance to a new country is exciting and does wonders for broadening your horizons. This change can be a bit intimidating to some, but being a part of a truly international student body as Hunimed’s also means becoming a part of an extremely lively and stimulating community.


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These two exuberant students come from Lebanon. They are both in their first year of studies at Hunimed and seem to be in very high spirits about their experience at the university so far.

Here’s a summary of Charbel and Faisaal’s answers. 

Why did you choose Hunimed?

Charbel: Because it’s an international university, it is widely recognized.

Faissal: Humanitas University is one of the only English Universities here in Italy.

Give me three adjectives to define your degree course.

Charbel: Hard work, competitiveness and social life.

Faissal: Social, fun, hard work.

How many hours a day do you study?

Charbel: At the university, we study about eight hours, and at home about four hours. 

Faissal: At the university, we study about eight hours per day and around home I give it another two to three hours.

Do you have any time for sport?

Charbel: Sometimes, not always.

Faissal: On the weekends, we try to do this group activity with other students like football.

On a scale from 1-5, how would you evaluate…..?

Scale (1-5) Charbel  Faissal
Lectures  4.5 4.5
Group Activities  5 5
Simulations 5 5
Studies  5 5
Relationship with the Student Office  5 5
Professors  4.5 5
Tutors  5 5
Mates  7 5


Would you recommend Hunimed to a student?

Charbel: Of course, yes.

Faissal: Yes, definitely. 

Invite a future student to come to Hunimed.

Charbel: Dear prospective students, I highly recommend this University. First of all, it has an international background. You meet different people from different cultures. Also research here is very good so it will broaden your horizons, not only at the medical level but also at the research level.

Faissal: Dear prospective student, I suggest that you come here with a huge smile and a happy atmosphere because this is an environment that you will cherish to stay in because it is so social and so safe that you won’t be worried about anything else.


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