Save the date: next Monday 13/7 don’t miss the one and only Humanitas University MEDTEC School webinar

Next Monday 13th July 2020 don’t miss the online appointment from 11:00am to 12:30pm with the interactive seminar focused on the MEDTEC School degree course and its postgraduate career opportunities.

Free to attend, the online event is organized by Dr. Gianluca Mondovì, Head of the Humanitas Healthcare group for international commercial development, alongside distinguished professionals such as Professor Maria Laura Costantino, President of the MEDTEC School; Dr. Elizaveta Kon, Associate Professor of Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System; and Dr. Franco Gaudino, Human Resources Manager Italy, Greece and Israel of Johnson&Johnson, the largest healthcare company in the world.

MEDTEC forges the “doctors of the future”

This is a webinar of great interest for all those students who wish to learn more about the unique MEDTECH School, its innovative teaching approach, combined with practical training, as well as the career opportunities after graduation.

The new MEDTEC degree course – born from the collaboration between Humanitas University and Politecnico di Milano – is taught in English and lasts six years, aiming at integrating and enhancing traditional medical skills with the technical and scientific ones typical of the biomedical engineering.

Nowadays, technology is undeniably changing medicine. Therefore, it is essential to train and forge a 360° professional figure, the so-called “doctor of the future”, who also owns engineering skills in order to understand and apply the most advanced technologies to medical practice. This is translated into reality, by using highly complex systems for the diagnosis and treatment of patients, exploiting the potential of data analytics and machine learning techniques, as well as by using new materials and therapeutic devices such as surgical robots, endoprostheses, bi-prints and 3D printing.

MEDTEC Career Opportunities

The MEDTEC degree course is indeed characterised by the fusion between medical and engineering training, which is not only essential for future doctors in order to face complex problems in the field of technology applications and information analysis, but also for the ground-breaking doctor-patient interaction, based on advanced systems for the personalization of ad-hoc therapies.

Another important aspect to consider is the career opportunities: at the end of such an innovative and comprehensive training course, new graduates will be able to find jobs in the medical profession and research, as well as in the industrial sectors for the design of biomedical devices and technologies or in the pharmaceutical area.

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