One Day at “L’Artigiano in Fiera” in Milan

Written by Philip Yiu, Hunimed Student

Every year in the month of December, for about one week, thousands upon thousands of visitors flock towards Rho Fiera (Milan) for one event – L’Artigiano in Fiera.
The same venue where Milan hosted the last World ExpoChristmas in Milan

What is L’Artigiano in Fiera?

L’Artigiano in Fiera – much like the Expo – is an exposition of international cultures all brought together in one location.
However the Fiera is very different from the Expo. Away from the astounding architecture and glow of lights that the Expo paraded, the Fiera is something much more raw and original.

Designers, artists and craftsmen
from all over the globe gather to display the product of their passion: it is a place for anyone to show off their creativity and represent a part of their country’s culture

Experiencing L’Artigiano in Fiera

I went to the Fiera at 8pm as to avoid the daytime crowd, but it was as alive as ever. I meandered my way through the flow of people. To catch a glimpse of each stall which is distinctly different from the others. As I ambled towards the stalls of Asia I was suddenly surrounded by a pungent smells of Indian spices. The aroma of authentic Indian cuisine drew me in. Then from the corner of my eye I spotted the colourful Tibetan Prayer flags, coloured blue, white, red and yellow. They were stung around carved wooden Buddhist Shrine. A wave of intoxicating incense gave off a spiritual aura surrounding the shrine. The Tibetans behind the stalls were all dressed in traditional robes of crimson and golden yellow. 

A little closer to home, in the Spanish pavilion, I meet a shoe designer who was very passionate about his unique designs and told me about how he displays his pieces every year at the Fiera.
BagpipesIn the European pavilion I met designers from France and Germany whom have travelled to Milan to present their original designs. While I was sampling some chocolate from Belgium, I heard a very familiar low pitched drone. It was the music of my country- Bagpipes! A crowd of spectators had gathered around the pipers and drummers. Patriotism and adrenaline flowed through as the pipers played the national anthem. 

Fostering a universal desire to explore and learn more about the world

Seeing all these people, from nations all across the globe, coming together to appreciate each other’s cultures made me really value the Fiera for something more than just superficial commercialism. Indeed it makes us curious of other cultures; it makes us want to explore more, learn more about the world. And it gives artists, designers and creators a chance to showcase their unique talents and display what makes them passionate. This common desire to learn brought thousands upon thousands of people together all in one location, and I hope that this would inspire many of them to go and travel across the world; explore foreign lands; experience different traditions and reflect upon different cultures. From that, we can gain a lot of wisdom


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