New open positions for researchers in Humanitas

In order to expand its staff, in collaboration with Humanitas University, the Humanitas Research Center (IRCCS), equipped with laboratories offering highly advanced technologies (from genetics to molecular imaging), has opened 3 new positions (temporary or permanent) as international junior or senior researcher within the fields of Virology, Biochemistry-Metabolomics and Nutrition.

Positions and skills


In the field of Virology, Humanitas is looking for one junior or senior researcher. Candidates must have a solid experience in the field, in particular within infection and viral transmission, and must have obtained international recognition of their work.


In the field of Biochemistry-Metabolomics, Humanitas is looking for doctors or scientists willing to apply for a position as senior or junior researcher.

Ideal candidates should have a solid and recognized experience, especially within understanding the key mechanisms of cellular metabolism, with particular reference to metabolic disorders. The chosen candidate for the senior position will also manage the new Metabolomics structure developed by Humanitas.


Finally, in the field of Nutrition, Humanitas is offering one position as senior or junior researcher. The ideal candidate must have extensive clinical experience, as well as a deep understanding of the key mechanisms of cellular metabolism, with particular reference to metabolic disorders.

How to apply

For each position, applicants must submit an application coupled by a short CV containing a detailed description of the training, work experience, publications – which also need to be provided in full text in a separate list – as well as reviews, book chapters and research funding obtained.

In addition, applicants are required to provide a short, written proposal for an innovative research programme.

As Humanitas is committed to increase gender equality by increasing the number of female researchers in leadership roles within research communities and universities, women are strongly encouraged to apply for the positions above.


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