Med School Preparation & Orientation: last places!

“I found the medical preparation week completely worth the experience as it not only gave me a good sight into the IMAT but also gave me a good reason as to why I should be making Humanitas University as my number one choice for medicine.”

Listen to what students of the previous editions say.

Hurry up! Only few places are still available for the Medical School Preparation & Orientation Week reserved to students attending the second to last year of high school, from July 4th to 8th. 


Thanks to this intensive course, you will get proper tools and methods to prepare for the medical admissions test across the last year of school.

Find out more about programme, costs and location on the Medical School Preparation Week page.


Do you want to know more? Watch the videos of the previous editions and read more students’ comments.


Humanitas is a highly specialized Hospital, Research and Teaching Center. Built around centers for the prevention and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular, neurological and orthopedic disease – together with an Ophthalmic Center and a Fertility Center – Humanitas also operates a highly specialised Emergency Department.