Enjoying The Medical School Experience

Becoming a medical student can be a challenging prospect because a university is a very different environment from high school. It provides different challenges and benefits. There are plenty of off-putting myths about becoming a medical student but the reality is different. Medical school is a highly interesting and rewarding experience. In this article, you can read seven things about becoming a medical student that will reassure you and excite you about the prospect of studying medicine.

1. It is not all hard work!

Medical students have to learn to manage their time very well, but if you acquire this skill – which is essential for your future as a physician – you will have time for your hobbies and social life. Medicine is an experience that many people say is the best in their life. Manage your time accordingly and you will also have some time for yourself.

enjoy medical school experience

2. Being a medical student is not all about studying medicine

Your hobbies and social activities are not just intended to fill your spare time with fun. They can also help you enhance your personality. Working on your personal skills even outside the scope of academic study will help you become a good doctor.

3. You will meet individuals in medical school who may become some of your closest friends in the future

Make sure you take the time to make friends in medical school. Introduce yourself to new individuals that may even become your best friends or colleagues in the future. They do not necessarily have to be medics

4. You will be up to date with medical researches

The chance to be involved in medical research attracts many people to study medicine. If you are interested in studying biological sciences, medicine is a great opportunity to be a part of scientific advancement (beyond what you will find in textbooks). Your professors are all involved in their field of interest and part of their job is to stay up to date with all the latest advances and studies that are going on in that area. Precisely for this reason, they can teach you new things well before they are published in textbooks and get you up to date on current events in medicine and relevant research papers.

5. You will learn about organization

Studying in medical school is very challenging and time consuming. It is a part of life in which relying on your parents to help you keep track of your important activities is not an option anymore.

6. You will become a doctor when you pass the exams

If you pass all your exams while studying medicine, you will go on to become a doctor. One of the great reasons to work hard and enjoy medical school is the fact that you can have a thriving medical career in the future.  

7. You can have intelligent conversations with your peers

Medical students represent individuals that are both capable and hard-working. You will get the chance to learn new things from your colleagues and use this knowledge in future instances. Being a medical student is a very privileged position and if you strive for success, you can grow as a individual and as a medical professional.


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