Induction Weeks for incoming non-EU students

Welcome to our first 2016 freshmen!

This year Humanitas University has organized a two-week orientation and preparation period to help the academic insertion of incoming non-EU students and let them focus on classes but also enjoy the first moments of a new life adventure.img_3082

Moving to another country to study at the university often puts an additional strain on the life-changing decision of facing medical studies.

The first weeks and months may be a very challenging period due to social and cultural adjustments as well as understanding a foreign study system and bridging possible previous educational gaps.

From October 3rd to October 14th our first-year non-EU students have the possibility to follow an introductory course in physics and chemistry as well as a detailed explanation of the study plan, the teaching methodologies, the Learning Management System, the exam registration system and other important aspects of the university life.

They also have the opportunity to discuss various bureaucratic issues with the Student Office, for example how to obtain a residence permit and a tax code, how to register for the Italian health insurance and how to settle down in Milan (renting flats, purchasing travel cards for public transportation, etc.).

During these two weeks they can meet some of Humanitas Hospital’s doctors and explore some areas of the latter to get a “taste” of the place where they will be professionally trained. Small social events are also organized in order to show them a little bit of Milan.

Pics and updates coming soon…



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