Hunimed Canoeing Team 2017: much more than a race around a lake

On the 6th of May, Hunimed Canoeing Team held its annual meeting by a picturesque lake in the province of Lecco. Organized by Dr. Cozzaglio, clinical tutor of the medicine course, and Alberto Molteni, 2016 Hunimed graduate, the student team also included professors from Hunimed medical school, nursing school, as well as student support staff.

This year over thirty participants were trained on the basics of the sport before heading out on the lake to compete in a race around the lake that took the fastest team roughly 1.5 hours to complete. Guided by experienced coaches, team members were instructed on proper paddling technique, body movements and form as well as the ideal way to simultaneously change paddling sides.

There where 3 boats with 10 members each lead by a 1st captain who sat in the front and was in charge of navigation, and a 2nd captain who was positioned in the back and was in charge of course correction.

The race was a great chance for the members to bond and hone their team working skills since being coordinated is essential especially when speed is the goal.

The lake was surrounded by quaint cottages and historic churches. “Being surrounded by scenic vistas was quite distracting when one was trying to focus solely on winning a race. With plenty of beautiful nature to soak up, the setting was phenomenal to say the least.”
The canoers shared the lake with local kayakers, fishermen and families enjoying their weekend.

In addition to the aquatic activities, the day ended on an especially delightful note. Each team was responsible for bringing either a primo (starter), secondo (main) or dessert for lunch. 

“As the sun set, we all came together for an exceptional meal where tales of the day were exchanged and the bonding continued.”

At the end of the day the team that came in first, as well as the team that prepared the best food, were awarded prizes.

The team is a great chance for students to bond with colleagues from different years and allows senior students to share some of their experiences with others.

More outdoor activities coming soon: stay tuned!


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