Two of our Researchers among the Top Italian Women Scientists 2016

Cecilia Garlanda, Head of the Experimental Immunopathology Lab, and Paola Allavena, Head of the Cellular Immunology Lab, are among the

Cecilia Garlanda
Cecilia Garlanda

Top Italian Women Scientists 2016“, a group made up of the 38 best Italian researchers in the biomedical field.

This ranking has been created by the Italian National Women’s Health Observatory: “This initiative aims at highlighting the work and passion of many women, not all known to the general public, rewarding their work and their dedication” explained Francesca Merzagora, President of Observatory. In fact, according to CNR 2015 data, the female presence in Italian research is still low, especially considering senior positions and decision-making roles.

Paola Allavena
Paola Allavena

The “Top Italian Women Scientists 2016” group appears at the top of the “Top Italian Scientists”, a ranking of the most influential Italian scientists in the world based on the H-index, an indicator that takes into account the productivity, the scientific impact of the researcher’s work, his continuity over time and the number of citations per publication.

The research of the two Scientists

Cecilia Garlanda has worked on innate immunity and the regulation of inflammatory responses. In particular, she has contributed to characterize original molecules of the immune system such as the long pentraxin PTX3 and TIR8/SIGIRR.

Paola Allavena has a long standing interest in the field of cancer research, tumor immunology, inflammation and chemokines. In particular, she has actively contributed to understand the links between chronic inflammation and tumor progression.


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