Humanitas is the scientific coordinator of GenoMed4All: genetic data and algorithms to treat hematological diseases

Humanitas is the scientific coordinator of the European project GenoMed4All (Genomics and Personalized Medicine for All through Artificial Intelligence in Haematological Diseases). A project that aims to develop the treatment of blood diseases through the use of algorithms.

«Thanks to its leading position in the research and treatment of haematological diseases, Humanitas will make a fundamental contribution to the collection and analysis of clinical and genomic data that will be made available by the consortium», explains Matteo Della Porta    professor of Hematology of Humanitas University and head of the Leukemia and Myelodysplasias section in Humanitas, clinical coordinator of the entire project. «The Artificial Intelligence Center allows us to participate in the definition of algorithms for personalized medicine in hematology». In fact, Humanitas can count on the first Artificial Intelligence Research Center integrated with a hospital in Italy: a facility where engineers, data scientists and doctors work together to achieve ever higher standards of care and open new paths to Scientific Research thanks to the analysis of big data, machine learning and the union of different skills.

Artificial Intelligence: an excellence in Humanitas

«The application of AI in medicine is fundamental today to read the genomic data of patients in their complexity», explains Victor Savevski, Director of the AI Center of Humanitas. «The challenge launched by GenoMed4All is ambitious: to create a platform to share standardised data and support physicians across Europe, while creating technical solutions and models that can accelerate the achievement of tailored treatments for blood diseases. We are happy to be able to give our contribution and to be part of a network of excellence that will allow us to acquire and share knowledge of the highest level».

The GenoMed4All project

GenoMed4All is part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation program and will be developed with funds from the European Commission and thanks to the work of the experts of EuroBloodNet, a network that connects the centers of excellence for clinical research and the treatment of haematological diseases. It will run for four years and will mobilize a consortium of 23 partners from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Cyprus, Greece and Denmark.

Shared genomic archives

The mission of GenoMed4All is to connect the most important European genomic archives for hematological diseases and facilitate the sharing of data between the countries, in compliance with data protection legislation and ethical principles. A platform will allow to share genomic and clinical data of patients with haematological diseases, that can be used by Artificial Intelligence. The algorithm processes clinical-pathological parameters and genomic profiling to develop innovative strategies in diagnosis, prognosis and choice of treatment. GenoMed4All will develop three pathways for the application of predictive algorithms in different hematological diseases, such as myelodysplastic syndromes and sickle cell anemia.

Artificial Intelligence for hematological diseases

Hematological diseases have a very high cost for the health system, estimated in 2016 at 22.5 billion euros per year in Europe according to the European Hematology Association (EHA). It Is a vast group of pathologies (oncological and non-oncological) that includes over 450 disorders caused by abnormalities of the blood cells, of the lymphoid system and of coagulation factors. Most of these diseases have a genetic background. It means that they are linked to DNA abnormalities and can therefore be inherited, already present at birth or acquired during life. A feature that can be studied in every single patient.

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