Helpful tips for Exam Preparation in Medical School

The most challenging part of medical school is consuming massive amounts of knowledge in a short period of time. At times, medical school is referred to as a roller coaster. Each medical student is happy and eager to learn but as the months drag on, the studying gets old and they can’t wait for school to be over. 

Medical school is a place where you can grow as a person and as a professional. The key factor is to lessen high powered flow of information by preparing in time and reviewing study material over and over. A few basic tips to help you prepare for upcoming exams in medical school include the following.

study tips for exam preparation in medical school

1. Pre-read the material

During lectures, professors usually disclose the topics they will cover during the following class. It is important to read about the subject in advance. If you are pressed for time, at least have a quick look at your text book. You will be surprised as to how pre-reading can help you make the most of each lesson.

2. Participate in class and take notes

Thanks to technological advancement, nowadays everyone has access to immediate distractions. During class, it is crucial to stay focused and stay off the web! It makes no sense to stay in class if you aren’t going to pay attention. If you have a hard time concentrating, take notes and ask questions. Listen for things that are repeated (it’s probably important material that you will encounter in your exam).

3. Go home and review the study material

Instead of studying hours and hours before your exam, take time to review your notes from class after every lecture. You will be surprised as to how much information you already know when you sit down to study for your exams. Make charts, notes, flash cards and quiz yourself. Regardless of how you decide to study, having something tangible is a great way to memorize and understand study material. A few minutes before your exam, take out your flash cards or notes and review them real quick.

4. Begin studying for your exams as soon as possible

The sooner you start to study, the better. Reviewing your notes from class can help you better absorb the material. This way, in the week before your exams, you don’t have to be stressed and read everything all over again. You can just go over your notes. Furthermore, meet up with other classmates and talk concepts out with them. Quiz each other and make the material more interactive. This is also a great way to make friends and form regular study groups.

Always remember that there is no such thing as cramming for a medical school exam. Accomplish your goals and pass you exams in medical school by giving yourself time to review the material. This will, without a doubt, help you set yourself up for a thriving career in medicine!


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