Five short and effective tips to focus on studying

Tip#1: Plan your study

  • Have your study resources ready in advance (books, notes, reference materials and syllabus).
  • Make a study timetable and stick to it. Decide what topics require more attention than the others and dedicate appropriate amount of time to them.

Tip#2: Find the right and suitable environment

The right environment highly affects the level of concentration. A “concentration friendly” environment needs to be a silent place, with no distractions. A comfortable working station with a lot of light.

  • Humanitas University Library is one of the suggested spots. Situated in the back of the Building 8, it is isolated from the noisy areas. Sometimes seeing colleagues quietly studying increases the motivation and with that the concentration.
  • Alternative suggestion is to check the timetable of the lectures and find a free classroom. Silent and bright environment, without external distractions, boosts up the focus.

Tip#3: Make a study routine

  • Have a short “recap session” after concluding a chapter. It is known to be the most effective way to memorize what you learned.
  • Make individual summary notes.
  • Form a study group with your colleagues. This will help you exchange the knowledge and understand the topic from different perspective.
  • Use your student services and consult your tutor, if needed, for more clarity. Make a short list of topics and set an office hour with a tutor. At Humanitas University, one tutor is assigned to two students, this allows having a more frequent and subject-specific discussions.

Tip#4: Allow the change

Don’t be scared to change the study strategy after few hours and to allow yourself to take a short break.

  • “Refresh” the routine and decreases the chances of becoming bored. For example, if you haven’t done it before, read the chapter out loud to yourself, or ask yourself a question on the paragraph you are reading.
  • Change the usual study location and plan a revision session on an open air. Humanitas’ green area can be ideal locations for that.
  • Have a deserved study break to do some exercises, or just to relax and change the pace.

Tip#5: Keep a positive attitude

Having a negative approach to studying will make it even more difficult to focus.

  • Don’t waste time on convincing yourself how certain subjects are difficult or too demanding.
  • Be more positive about studying and set goals.
  • Let studying be a motivation to reach your goals (a high grade and etc).

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