Eurydice or Charon’s Puppets: opera at the Campus on 1st October

On Saturday 1st October at 7.00 pm, the Humanitas University Campus will host “Euridice o I burattini di Caronte” (Eurydice or Charon’s puppets), as part of the ClassicAperta review.

Euridice o I burattini di Caronte

Saturday 1st October – Humanitas University Campus
Via Rita Levi Montalcini 4, Pieve Emanuele
Music by Joan Albert Amargós
Libretto by Toni Rumbau
Dramaturgy and direction by Luca Valentino
Scenography by José Menchero
Approximate duration: one hour

Humanitas University has always believed in music as a tool for integration and will make its Campus areas available for the MITO ETS Association, which organises the ClassicAperta review with the aim of bringing music to everyone, in every place and time of the year.

“Euridice o I burattini di Caronte” stems from the desire to unite and compare two genres that are apparently far apart: opera with figure theatre and, more specifically, with puppet theatre. Glitz, velvet and stardom on the one hand, popular and street performance on the other.

Participation is free after registering on the Eventbrite platform.


The project is realised with the support of the Fondazione di Comunità Milano -Città, Sud Ovest, Sud Est, Martesana Onlus. More information about the event on the Associazione per MITO ETS website

The Association for MITO ETS

Throughout the year, the Association organises classic music concerts in unconventional settings, to allow everyone to enjoy the pleasure of listening but also to discover unusual spaces of the city and the soul of the neighbourhoods, to make them vital places of aggregation and social and cultural development.


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