Drink water instead of smoking

Cigarette smoking is the first risk factor for lung cancer and one of the leading causes of death in the world from cancer in general. According to WHO estimates, if effective preventive policies are not implemented, more than eight million smokers will die each year by 2030.

This year, the aim of World No Tobacco Day, promoted by the World Health Organization, was to raise awareness of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking and exposure to passive smoking, and to encourage governments to take action to combat smoking.

“Turn off your desire to smoke with a sip of water”: a challenge for life and health

“Quitting smoking is a difficult challenge, but not impossible,” says Dr. Licia Siracusano, Head of the Humanitas Anti-smoking Center, who proposes a personalized path to help those who want to get out of this addiction. “Most people feel discouraged and afraid to face everyday situations without a cigarette. Taking a detoxification course means taking out a gesture, your own moment dedicated to smoking. That’s why we decided to create a campaign that with a simple language and practical tricks, offers support to stop smoking and not fall back into this vice,” explains the expert.


How not to fall back into the vice of smoking

These are some of the tips that experts give to ex-smokers to help them cope with normal times of crisis:

– drink a glass of water in small sips;

– that the desire to smoke lasts only a few minutes;

– reflect on the fact that it is normal to associate smoking with a good memory;

– thinking that not smoking is good for your health and saves money;

– remembering that you have already won the challenge (“I am no longer a smoker”);

– looking for other distractions, keeping busy, finding a hobby, dedicating oneself to a sport;

– eating with peace of mind, savouring food;

– avoid coffee after a meal if this is associated with the memory of the cigarette;

– brush your teeth often and do so immediately after meals because this reduces your desire to smoke;

– chewing gum, sugar-free candy, a licorice wood, etc.;

– use anti-stress balls to hold in your hand.



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