Chinese Doctors train at Hunimed: Dr. Liang Zhao’s impression of Humanitas

Dr. Liang from Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University (Hubei region, China) recently concluded his medical training in the Gastroenterology Department at Humanitas Research Hospital. He came here as part of this year’s delegation from Wuhan University, participating in the Autumn School program.

The collaboration between Humanitas and Wuhan allows both sides not only to learn new techniques but also to gain insight into the cultural differences and similarities between Italy and China.

Read Dr. Liang Zhao’s impression of Humanitas below.

Why did you come to Humanitas? 

Because our hospital and Humanitas hospital are sister hospitals. We have a mutual communications course. Last year my colleague came here and spent a very pleasant time. 

Did you learn something special?

Yes, I made a lot of new experiences. I’ve found a lot of differences in the techniques and the methods we work with. 

What did you like most in these three months?

What I liked most is the attitude towards life, towards work. The friendliness and enthusiasm for foreigners like us from the Italians.

Would you recommend Humanitas University to a Chinese student?

Sure. I will share my experience here with my students and tell them that this hospital is a top level hospital in Europe. 

Students’ International Experiences 

In addition to hosting doctors here at Humanitas for training programs, Humanitas strongly encourages its students and staff to participate to mobility programs in order to broaden their horizons and gain a more global perspective. 

For example, Giovanni spent his last summer in China, at Wuhan University, for an observership at the Urology Department: “I arrived in Wuhan City, deep in the hinterland of China, with my poor Mandarin but a great desire to learn. It was not my first time in China or in a Chinese hospital, but I was still struck by the radical differences from our reality.”

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