Stefania Vetrano

Associate Professor

Applied Biology
Associate Professor, Staff Scientist of the Gastrointestinal Immunopathology Laboratory at Humanitas Research Hospital Delegate of the Rector for the disability and DSA in Humanitas University

Stefania Vetrano completed her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences in 2002 and in Clinical Pathology in 2010 at the University “La Sapienza of Rome”.

In 2010 achieved her PhD in Experimental pathology and neuropathology at the University of Milan. She worked for 5 years on the pathogenesis and screening of celiac disease, and spent a period in King’s College University of London to study the innate immune response in patients with celiac disease.

Since 2006 she has been working as researcher and staff scientist in the laboratory of gastrointestinal immunopathology at the Humanitas Clinical and Research Center of Rozzano, Milan.

2015 to now she is assistant professor in applied biology at the Humanitas University, and starting from 2016 she is a delegate of the rector for the disability and DSA.

She actively collaborates with other national and international university (University of Chicago,USA; Notre Dame University, USA; Research Center “Alexander Fleming” in Athens; Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen (Germany).


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