Sara Carloni

Assistant Professor

Clinical Microbiology

Sara Carloni obtained her Ph.D. in Biological and Molecular Sciences at Microbiology Unit of the University of Milan. During her Ph.D. training she investigated sRNAs-based molecular mechanisms regulating the host pathogen interaction and virulence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

She then joined the group of Prof. Maria Rescigno as Post Doc, at the European Institute of Oncology where she investigated the involvement of bacteria isolated from clinical and preclinical cancer models in tumorigenesis and metastatization.

Since January 2018, she is member of Mucosal immunology and Microbiota Unit of Prof.ssa Rescigno at Humanitas University.

Academic honors, awards and prices

  • Winner of the best preclinical Research Poster – Humanitas Research Hospital
  • Identification of a Choroid Plexus Vascular Barrier which closes up during intestinal inflammation leads to behavioral impairments (2029)

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