Marco Rasile

Assistant Professor

Human Anatomy
Assistant Professor

Marco Rasile earned a master’s degree in Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine – Neuroscience curriculum – in 2012 and a PhD in Morphological Sciences at the University of Milan (Italy) in 2016. During his PhD, he studied the effects of infection-mediated maternal immune activation (MIA) on offspring’ brain development, a non-genetic animal model of psychiatric disorders.

In 2019 Marco temporary joined the McCarthy lab (Baltimore, MD) to investigate sexual di-morphisms in cerebrovascular development. In 2021 Marco joined the BraYn Conference brayniacs.

At present, Marco works in the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Brain Pathology headed by Prof. Matteoli at Humanitas Research Hospital and, since 2014, he is a lecturer in Human Anatomy courses for Nursing and Physiotherapy degree programmes at Humanitas University.


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