Letterio Salvatore Politi

Full Professor

Full Professor and Director of the Radiodiagnostics Residency School, Humanitas University; Director of Clinical Affairs of Advanced MRI Center and Attending Neuroradiologist, University of Massachusetts Medical School. Director of Neuroimaging Research, Hematology/Oncology Div. and Radiology Dept., Boston Children’s Hospital

I am a physician scientist and a 20-year experienced clinical neuroradiologist with a strong interest in neuroimaging research. My research is mainly focused on advanced magnetic resonance (MR) neuroimaging, and in particular on non-invasive quantification of disease burden through MR, with the aim of definition of disease natural history and outcome measures in translational and clinical neuroimaging.

I have long-standing experience in quantitative MR imaging of brain and spinal cord, with specific expertise in lesion load quantification, volumetric analyses and microstructural damage quantification through diffusion tensor imaging analyses, in the setting of several neurological diseases. As Director of Neuroimaging Research at Boston Children’s Hospital and as Director of Clinical Affairs of the Advanced MR Imaging Center (AMRIC), UMASS core imaging facility, I am fostering clinical MR imaging (MRI) research, by providing my experience in advanced MRI techniques, and in validating MR-based outcome measures in clinical trials.

I have authored 67 scientific papers (total impact factor: 458.282; h index: 26; total citations: over 3.300 – Scopus) in the field of neuroimaging with a particular focus on advanced MRI techniques, stem cell imaging, brain tumors, vascular diseases, neuromuscular disorders and inherited neurodegenerative disorders.

I have collaborated to the validation of new PET radiotracers and to the development of an integrated SPECT/MRI multimodal imaging apparatus. I have performed the central radiology review for several international multi-centric studies on brain, orbit and neuromuscular disorders.


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