Luca Di Tommaso

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Present academic appointment

Associate Professor of Pathology, Humanitas University

Other institutional appointments

Former member of the Senato Accademico, Humanitas University (2016-2020)

Member, Commissione Riesame, Humanitas University (2021- to date)

Fellow, International Academy of Cytology (2014- to date)

Affiliations (for those who also have an external affiliation)

International Academy of Cytology (IAC)

International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA)

Laennec Liver Pathology Society.

Teaching appointments

-School of Medicine, Humanitas University, Medicine and Surgery:

-Course of Histology (1st year)

-Course of History of Medicine (1st year)

-Course of Foundation in Pathology (3rd year)

-Course of System 1 (3rd year)

-Course of Pathology (4th year)

-School of Medicine, Humanitas University, Postgraduate Medical School in Pathology

Academic background

2004 to 2012: Adjunct Professor of Pathology, University of Milan, School of Medicine, Milan

2012 to 2015: Assistant Professor of Pathology, University of Milan, School of Medicine, Milan

2015 to 2021: Assistant Professor of Pathology, Humanitas University


1997 M.D., “summa cum laude”, University of Bologna, School of Medicine, Bologna (Italy)

2003 Postgraduate Medical School in Pathology, University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy)

2014 Fellowship, International Academy of Cytology

Academic honors, awards and prizes

  1. Research project: “ApPath: a tool of augmented pathology to evaluate the immune texture in metastatic colorectal cancer” 2018; Fondazione Humanitas per la ricerca (Fondi 5 per 1000); PI: Luca Di Tommaso
  2. Research ProjectValutazione del microscopio NED-DP” 2018; Nano Tech Project; PI: Luca Di Tommaso
  3. Research Project “Dissecting the role of Tumor Endothelial Cells in HCC with VETC+ angiogenesis provides potential targets of treatment” 2020; AIRC Investigator Grant (IG 2020 ID 25087) PI: Luca Di Tommaso





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