Corrado Tinterri

Associate Professor

Chirurgia Generale
Professore Associato
  • 2000 – current European School of Oncology Professor.
  • 2002 – current Italian School of Senology Professor.
  • 2012 – current Member of Scientific Committee ‘Attualità in Senologia’.
  • 2015 – current Director of the course ‘Oncology Management Fast Track’ – Bocconi University of Milano.
  • 2019 – current Founder, Member, and Director of Accademia di Senologia ‘Umberto Veronesi’.
  • 2000 Assisted by Doctor Alberto Costa in the project of the creation of a multidisciplinary Breast Unit. In 2006 Istituto Maugeri IRCCS was the first Itailan Breast Unit to receive the EUSOMA certification.
  • 2006 – 2010 Director of Club ‘ex-allievi’ of the Italian School of Senology.
  • 2010 – 2013 Consultant in the 12th Sanitary Permanent Commission and co-author in the investigation ‘Malattie ad andamento degenerativo di particolare rilevanza sociale, con specifico riguardo al tumore della mammella, alle malattie reumatiche croniche ed alla sindrome HIV’.
  • 2010 – ongoing Scientific Technical Member in the Italian Senate Delegation at the European Parliament for Breast Cancer issues.
  • 2011 – The Breast Unit of Humanitas Clinical and Research Center IRCCS received the EUSOMA certification.
  • 2012 – ongoing Technical Consultant in Sanitary Program of the Italian Ministry of Health and Member of the Ministerial Work Project Committee on Breast Surgery Centers.
  • 2012 – ongoing Founder and Member of Senonetwork.
  • 2012 – ongoing Member and Coordinator of the International Executive Committee ‘Quality and Innovation in Breast Centers’.
  • 2013 – ongoing Member of the Oncological Committee of the Lombardia Region and Coordinator of the Regional Project for the Breast Surgery Centers ‘Linee guida per l’implementazione della rete regionale lombarda dei centri di senologia-breast units network’.
  • 2013 – ongoing Member and Coordinator of the Ministry of Health Work Group for the definition of specific organisational arrangements in the Italian Breast Units Network.
  • 2013 – ongoing Director of the Scientific Technical Committee ‘Europa Donna Italia’ founded by Doctor Umberto Veronesi.
  • 2014 – Coordinator of the international congress held by the Italian Ministry of Health ‘Awareness and Commitment for Breast Cancer in the Health System’.
  • 2015 – ongoing ONDA (Osservatorio Nazionale sulla Salute della Donna) Advisory Board Member.
  • 2017 – ongoing Referent of the AGENAS Breast Cancer Working Group by the Italian Ministry of Health for the revision of the oncological networks ‘Revisione delle Linee guida organizzative e delle raccomandazioni per la Rete Oncologica per l’integrazione dell’attività ospedaliera per acuti e post acuti con l’attività territoriale’.
  • 2018 – ongoing Scientific Technical Consultant for the Lombardia Region ‘Strutturazione ed Implementazione della Rete dei Centri di Senologia’.
  • 2019 – Clinical Coordinator of the Breast Units Network in the ROL (Rete Oncologica Lombarda).


Academic honors, awards and prices

  • Extraordinary Professor – Humanitas University.
  • Scientific Member of the ‘Early Breast Cancer Trialists Collaborative Group’.
  • Scientific Member of the Joint Research Center in Ispra (Italy) Institute for Health and Consumers Protection DG Santè – Healtcare Quality Team.
  • AIOM Guidelines (Associazione Italiana di Oncologia Medica).
  • AIRO Guidelines (Associazione Italiana di Radioterapia Oncologica).
  • ANISC Guidelines (Associazione Italiana dei Chirurgi Senologi).
  • Member of ‘The Breast’ Editorial Board.
  • Reviewer for the ‘European Journal of Surgical Oncology’.

Scientific Affiliations

  • American Society of Breast Surgeons
  • Associazione Nazionale Italiana Senologi Chirurghi
  • Early Breast Cancer Trialist Collaborative Group
  • European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists
  • Società Italiana di Chirurgia

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