You learn by making mistakes: you learn more through simulation!


The Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center is a unique facility in Italy. Its excellence has made it the gold standard in the education and scientific advancement of healthcare professionals.

Simulation in education is an extremely effective way to acquire professional skills as it integrates theory with practice.


The Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center is a unique facility in Italy. Its excellence has made it the gold standard in the education and scientific advancement of healthcare professionals.

In the field of healthcare, simulation is an educational tool that uses high-fidelity simulators; thanks to the most advanced software, these simulators can reproduce not only many clinical treatments but also, more in general, the dynamics of the interaction between healthcare professionals and/ or between healthcare professionals and patients.  It is thus possible to practice and develop not only technical skills but also non-technical skills, in a faithfully reproduced clinical environment that allow participants to fully immerse themselves.  Education and training through simulation is both for future professionals and for the continuing education all healthcare workers.


The Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center is an innovative international facility; it enriches Humanitas University’s degree programmes by offering students professional training as well as all healthcare professionals with different skill sets and specialisations.


The Simulation Center also provides a space to interested firms that faithfully reproduces settings in a modern healthcare facility or hospital, from hospital rooms to operating theatres, from emergency services to endoscopy and angiography suites.

This Smart Medicine space uses technology to support learning, making it possible to practice treatments and techniques that will be used in real clinical settings.

It is possible to work as a team here and to use innovative technologies to safely deal with complex clinical situations, learning from any mistakes one might make.

The simulation rooms

Explore the Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center in this video providing a 360° view of the simulation rooms:

The Center has 3 high-fidelity simulation rooms, 2 medium-low-fidelity simulation rooms, 4 multifunctional rooms, 3 control booths, 1 physiotherapy lab and a wet lab, completely set up as a modern operating theatre and fitted with all the technology and equipment necessary to conduct teaching activities in medicine and surgery and to study anatomy.

There are also 3 conference rooms for plenary sessions, with seating capacity for 25-45 persons. The Auditorium, instead, has a seating capacity for 150-240 persons. There are also a number of smaller conference rooms for debriefing and meetings.

All the simulation rooms, the wet lab, the conference rooms and the Auditorium are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-video systems and are linked to each other, thereby guaranteeing maximum interactivity between the various spaces during the course of the event.


Wet Lab

The Wet Lab at the Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center is a space for all professionals in the field of surgery that stems from the increasingly felt need to improve surgical techniques and technologies and study anatomy more in depth.

The wet lab makes it possible to use fresh frozen human cadavers, which come from the USA and are accompanied by all certification concerning the clinical history of each donor and all relative blood tests.

This opportunity, still rare in Italy, is the best possible support to surgical training and is fundamental to improving our doctors’ surgical movements and their knowledge of anatomy.

Humanitas University’s courses and educational pathways promote a format for surgical training and continuing education that foresees that all procedures are performed exclusively by the students, with two students per station/ cadaver and with the assistance of Italian or international tutors/ experts who have recognized expertise in that specialty.

The fresh frozen cadavers in use at the Luzzatto Simulation Center all come from the United States of American citizens who during their lifetime freely chose to donate their bodies to education and science.



Via Rita Levi Montalcini
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The Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center was born thanks to Humanitas University’s desire to implement a path towards achieving its institutional goals:training and scientific advancement in the field of medicine. The Center came to light also thanks to the generous contribution of the Luzzatto family, which has always been committed to supporting these same goals.

The Center stems from a need that is more and more strongly felt both by experienced physicians and by those at the beginning of their learning pathway, a need to complete and perfect one’s professional training.

The Center is for all medical disciplines, for the single professional as well as for scientific associations, researchers and the healthcare industry, be they Italian or international. The Center provides ideal facilities and all the support equipment necessary to improve and perfect surgical techniques and technologies, reproducing the interpersonal doctor-patient and interprofessional dynamics as well through practical experimentation and research.

The foundation of the Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center allows Humanitas University to offer all healthcare professionals and/or the healthcare industry, both Italian and foreign, an innovative Smart Medicine facility where courses and scientific learning pathways can be developed and conducted in all areas of medicine and related fields and disciplines.

The Mario Luzzatto Simulation Center is a landmark of excellence on the Italian medical-scientific landscape.

The Luzzatto family’s commitment to the Simulation Center

Humanitas University’s Simulation Center is dedicated to Mario Luzzatto, internationally well-known businessman, artist and philanthropist, who died in 2012.

His commitment to health research brought Humanitas to his attention, making a generous donation to the latter.

Humanitas University has dedicated to Luzzatto the philanthropist this innovative centre, whose value to medical education is enormous.




Federico Barra

Scientific Simulation Coordinator

Giancarlo Torre

Scientific Simulation Consultant

Tommaso Bonanzinga

Arthroscopic Simulation Tutor

Federico Pollio

Business Development Manager

Leonardo Zingoni

Event Manager

Fabio Carfagna

Simulation Specialist

Laura Luraschi

Event Management Specialist


Via Rita Levi Montalcini
Pieve Emanuele MI

Phone 02.82242249


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