Lectures Update a.y. 2020/2021

Humanitas University’s main aim is to continue to provide quality teaching and learning despite the COVID-19 emergency.

All lectures and group activities have been reorganized to maximize as far as possible the attendance of the activities on campus while maintaining social distancing measures.

At the same time, all lessons will be streamed-live and available on demand.

Professionalizing activities will continue in Humanitas Hospitals and affiliated structures.


Teaching Activities Organisation

Teaching activities will be delivered partly in person on campus and partly digitally off campus, depending on the year of the course.

All lectures will be recorded and available for download and students will be able to join group-work activities through a digital platform.

Attending teaching activities off campus is strictly related to the COVID-19 emergency and it is not to be considered a long-term provision for course attendance. However, elements of the hybrid approach developed because of the Covid emergency may be incorporated into the teaching and learning programs.

The University is constantly monitoring the situation and will keep the students up-dated with the latest news.

The professionalizing activities will take place in Humanitas Hospitals and in the Campus Simulation Center.


Starting with the winter session and  depending on the evolution of the pandemic scenario, the exams will be carried out in-person at the University. More details will be shared over the next few months.

Quarantine Period

A specific support has been put in place for students coming from countries subject to quarantine measures.


Humanitas is a highly specialized Hospital, Research and Teaching Center. Built around centers for the prevention and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular, neurological and orthopedic disease – together with an Ophthalmic Center and a Fertility Center – Humanitas also operates a highly specialised Emergency Department.