The induction-weeks program is devised by HU to favor a smoother beginning of the study course in medicine and surgery.

The induction-weeks program is devised by HU to fill possible gaps in previous knowledge necessary to cope with some of the exams of the first year. The program is also intended as an integration period into Humanitas University life.

Course objective

  • To ensure that all students enter the first year of the medical school with the same basic knowledge in physics, chemistry, biology, and an appropriate knowledge of mathematics propaedeutic to physics and to the interpretation of quantitative data.
  • To equip students with some learning and study tools important for succeeding in medical school.
  • To introduce international students to the Italian university system and to life in Italy.
  • To provide international students with a 4 weeks introductory Italian course to lay a foundation in the language necessary to interact with patients during the clinical years.
  • To help international students to fulfill some administrative/burocratic procedures necessary for living in Italy.
For whom and Time schedule (last edition)
  • All medical students that pass Hunimed admission test and enroll to Humanitas Medical School are welcome to participate.
  • The induction period is strongly recommended to students that following the admission test realize to have some weaknesses in one or more of the admission test subjects.
  • September 2  – 27th, 2019

Content of the induction-weeks program


  • Mathematics and Physics
  • Biology and genetics
  • Chemistry
  • Italian for international students 40 hours

Workshops on learning skills and on the Latin and Greek Roots of medical terminology

Additional activities: cultural and integration activities


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