Foundation Program

Intensive preparation course to help students face the medical admissions test
and the following university degree course.

Aim of the Foundation Program

HU Foundation Program is designed to provide students that wish to study Medicine in Italy with a course that:

    • strengthens knowledge on the subjects of the admission tests of Italian medical schools
    • facilitates attendance to the first year of medical school by covering some modules of the initial courses of the medical curriculum
    • improves English for Academic Purposes (EAP) skills
    • improves study skills required for studying in the Italian academic system


For whom 

  • International students, especially non European, that want to prepare for the Italian Medical School System
  • EU and International Students that did not pass the admission tests and wish to retake it, spending the intervening year focusing on their preparation gaps and improving their chances to be a successful first year medical student
  • EU and International Students that based on their previous high school preparation do not feel ready for the admission tests
  • EU and International Students that have stopped studying for a length of time
  • EU and International Students that specifically wish to enter Humanitas Medical school and reduce their study and exam load for the first and second year through recognition of the credits acquired in the Foundation Program.


When & where

From November 11th 2019 to April 30th 2020, Milan, Humanitas University Campus



Places available



Course Information


Academic Modules/Subjects covered

General and inorganic chemistry40/5
Organic chemistry40/5
English for academic and medical purposes64/8
General Psychology16/2
Clinical psychology8/1

Other Activities

Students will be supported in developing their academic skills by way of:

  • Seminars on learning styles and strategies, taking notes, preparing for lectures, time management, practicing oral exams
  • Study groups tutored by medical students
  • Counselling service


Students will be given the opportunity to have some early clinical exposure through laboratories in the simulation center dealing with basic communication and clinical skills.

For international students:

  • Seminars on life and culture in Italy
  • Italian course

Planning & Teaching format

Classes will take place from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

  • You will attend classes for 25 to 30 hours per week. Teaching activities include lectures, tutorials, formative tests, collaborative learning
  • Attending teaching activities is mandatory for at least 80% of each module

Besides your scheduled activities you are expected to study independently for further 20 hours each week.

As a fully matriculated student, you will have access to the University’s libraries and study areas.

The program is organized into two periods and two exam session:

  • period I: from November 11th to February 10th, 2020

                        1st Exam Session (from February 10th to February 28th )

  • period II: from March 2nd up to the end of April 2020;

                        2nd Exam Session (from second half of May until second half of June)


Most of the exam will be under written form (Multiple Choice, Open Questions, Exercises, CMAPS etc..)

However, as many Italian medical schools also include oral exams in their evaluation system, for some modules oral sessions will be proposed to students as a practice tool to reduce anxiety and learn how to organize knowledge for oral communication.

The course includes a total of 8 exams.

Exam sessions: two sessions will be available for each exam.

  • For the modules completed in period I (Mathematics, Logic, Physics and Chemistry): 
    • the first available exam session will be from February 10th to February 28th 
    • the second available session for these modules will be in the second half of May


  • For the modules completed in period II ( Biology and Genetics, Biochemistry, Histology, Psychology, and Medical English):
    • the first available session will be during the second half of May
    • the second available session will be during the second half of June


  • An additional exam session will be available during the month of September for students that have failed the first two sessions.


Final Qualification

To obtain the final qualification from the program, it is necessary that students meet the following requirements:

  • At least 80% of attendances for each module
  • Positive assessment for each module

10 of the 50 places available for the NON EU students in the Medicine and Surgery Degree Course will be reserved to international students participating in the Foundation Program.  

Following the call issued by Humanitas University, the reserved places will be assigned on the basis the number of CFU and grades acquired within the Foundation Program. 

Admission rules and number of places available

Admission to the program is granted on the bases of the evaluation of the applications received from September 1st to October 15th, 2019

The application must include: curriculum vitae, motivation letter, high school diploma, other school/academic certificates.

If deemed necessary, an interview may be required.

Number of places available: 40

*A minimum number of 15 participants is required to activate the Foundation Program.  


6.000 € to be paid in two instalments:

  • First instalment to be paid when registering
  • Second instalment to be paid within January 15th


  • 1 scholarship of 10.000 € is available for the student achieving the overall best grades among EU students
  • 1 scholarship of 10.000 € is available for the student achieving the overall best grades among NO EU students

Scholarships are available for students completing the Foundation Program and admitted to Humanitas University Medical School

How to Register

The application can be done exclusively through MyPortal following the 3-step online procedure described below. 

  1. Registration on MyPORTAL

During the registration phase, you will be asked to insert your personal data and at the end you will receive a confirmation email with your username and password to access the system and go on to the following phases of the admission process. 


  1. Application

In order to take the admission test, you must complete the application procedure by accessing your reserved area on MyPortal (click here to login) using the username and password received via mail in the registration phase. Select Student Office from the menu on your right and click on Admissions test.


  1. Payment

The test application is finalized only after the payment of the test fee of euro 50, that can be performed by credit card.

The payment must be completed:

  • by credit card within September 1st and October 15th 

The test fee shall in no case be reimbursed. Please note that the payment of the Admissions Test fee alone does not mean application has been completed.



Boarding and Lodging

A student house of 240 places is present at HU Campus. Single and double rooms are available.

If you are interested, please contact:

For information about the program:

Please contact:

An Italian course will be organized for international students twice a week.

Foundation Program and credit recognition

Students passing successfully the exams of the Foundation Program and entering Humanitas University  Medical School will have the following credits recognized

9Principles of the Living Matter9
10The cell: molecules and processes19
4Building Bodies11
1Body at work 114
2Body at work 215
3Communication skills7
Un'istituzione affermata

Un'istituzione affermata
Humanitas è un noto policlinico e centro di ricerca e didattica universitaria. Per oltre 10 anni è stato sede di insegnamento dell'Università degli Studi di Milano.

Una carriera internazionale

Una carriera internazionale
Unisciti alla comunità medica internazionale di Humanitas. Le lezioni sono tenute in inglese da medici e ricercatori di comprovata esperienza, provenienti da ogni parte del mondo. Con la tua laurea potrai accedere alla professione medica in Europa ed all'estero.

L'esperienza clinica

L'esperienza clinica
L'esperienza clinica inizia presto, a partire dal terzo anno, e consente di sviluppare una solida esperienza pratica, grazie anche al supporto di un consolidato sistema di tutoring e supervisione.

Metodi di insegnamento innovativi

Metodi di insegnamento innovativi
Il curriculum di Humanitas è valorizzato da un'ampia gamma di metodi di apprendimento attivo (Problem Based Learning, Casi studio, Mappe concettuali e Pazienti simulati).

Milano e l'Italia

Milano e l'Italia
Assapora lo stile, la cultura, la gastronomia e gli intrattenimenti di una delle più stimolanti città europee. Esplora le bellezze dell'Italia e cogli l'opportunità di imparare la lingua italiana.

Ricerca e Tecnologie all'avanguardia

Ricerca e Tecnologie all'avanguardia
Humanitas può contare su una ricerca scientifica e tecnologie avanzate. Nell'autunno 2017, il nuovo campus ospiterà inoltre un Simulation Centre di 1000 metri quadri, disegnato secondo i più elevati standard tecnologici.

Contatti e Indicazioni

Mappa e Contatti Sede Milano
Humanitas University
Via Rita Levi Montalcini 4,
Pieve Emanuele 20090 Milan, Italy

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Come raggiungerci
Dall'Aeroporto di Malpensa

Prendere l'autostrada A8 e seguire le indicazioni per Milano. Imboccare la Tangenziale Ovest, uscire a Quinto de' Stampi/Via dei Missaglia (7 bis). Seguire le indicazioni per l'Istituto Clinico Humanitas.

Dall'Aeroporto di Linate

Prendere la Tangenziale Est e seguire le indicazioni per Genova, dopodiché prendere la Tangenziale Ovest e uscire a Quinto de' Stampi/Via dei Missaglia (7 bis). Seguire le indicazioni per l'Istituto Clinico Humanitas.

Dalla Stazione Centrale

Prendere la circonvallazione interna (dei Bastioni) fino a Porta Ticinese, poi seguire la strada indicata nella sezione "Dal Centro città".

Dal centro città

Andare da Porta Ticinese a Corso San Gottardo, via Meda, via Montegani e via dei Missaglia, poi seguire le indicazioni per l'Istituto Clinico Humanitas o per Basiglio Milano 3.


Da tutte le uscite dell'autostrada, seguire le indicazioni per la Tangenziale Ovest e, una volta entrati, uscire a Quinto de' Stampi/Via dei Missaglia (7 bis). Seguire le indicazioni per l'Istituto Clinico Humanitas.

Con i mezzi pubblici

La navetta Humanitas-Comune di Rozzano collega la fermata della linea verde Abbiategrasso (Piazzale Abbiategrasso) con Humanitas. La navetta parte ogni 20 minuti. La Linea 230 collega la fermata Abbiategrasso con Humanitas (capolinea Basiglio). La Linea 221 collega Humanitas con Pieve Emanuele, Opera, Locate (da Rozzano, via della solidarietà).

Mappa e Contatti Sede Bergamo - Infermieristica
Humanitas University
Corso di Infermieristica – Sede di Bergamo
via Moretti 11
24121 Bergamo - Italy

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