Admission Requirements

Are non-European candidates eligible to apply to the PhD program?

Candidates of any nationality are eligible to apply to the PhD MEM program.

Is there any age limit for taking part in the selection?

There is no age limit.

I will receive my degree after the Call deadline. May I apply as well?

You can apply even if you don’t have the degree yet, but you must obtain the degree by the beginning of the academic activities as specified in the Call for Applicants.

Is a minimum level of English required?

Yes, a minimum B2 level is required and it will be tested during the examination procedure. But a certificate is not required.

Application and admission process

When is the application deadline?

The deadline for submission is August 31st, 2020.

How can I submit my application?

Applications can be submitted only online at this link.

Should I provide reference letters?

Yes and only the ranked candidates for whom at least one reference letter is presented to Humanitas University, will be invited for the interview.

PhD MEM offers various topics in the PhD program. May I apply to more than one?

Yes, each applicant can submit the application for 3 topics; but it may be proposed to the candidate to accept a different topic after the selection procedure.

How does the pre-selection take place?

After the deadline for the submission of the applications is closed, the PhD MEM Committee pre-selects a short list of candidates, based on the information provided in the application form and in the reference letters. The results of the pre-selection will be published after September 21st 2020. Only those applicants who are ranked within the first 40 positions (including all the candidates that have obtained ex equo) of the ranking list will be invited for the interviews. The interviews will take place starting from September 28th at Humanitas University Campus in Pieve Emanuele (Milan) – Italy. or via Skype. We remind candidates that all examination procedures will take place in English.

Skype interviews are foreseen?

Only if a candidate cannot physically be present at the interview (for health or VISA reasons), then the test and the interview can be conducted via video-conference. Those who intend to conduct the interview via video-conference or request special assistance should specify this on the application form.

When does the program start?

The program starts on January 1st 2021.

Scholarships and fees

How can I pay the 30 euros fee for completing the application to the PhD?

The application fee must be paid through a Bank Transfer that shall be made to the banking account indicated at art. 3 “Application” of the PhD call for applications. After the payment is made, the bank shall release a receipt (a proof of payment) that shall be uploaded (in PDF format) in the corresponding section of the online application form.

What is the salary of the PhD?

The gross annual amount of each scholarship awarded by the University for MEM curriculum is € 18.000,00, paid in monthly instalments. This amount is exempt from income tax and subject to social security contributions.

The gross annual amount of each scholarship awarded by the University for the MEM-Clinical curriculum totals €22,400.00.

PhD students are only required to pay an annual fee for access and attendance, set at € 250,00 for the academic year 2020/2021, including the regional tax and stamp duty.


Can I apply for an accommodation on Campus?

Humanitas University is equipped with a student house. Students can apply for an accommodation by writing to studenthouse@hunimed.eu



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