Master in Advanced Endoscopic Ultrasound - EUS

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The second level professional Masters, “Advanced Endoscopic Ultrasound – EUS“, provides participants with instrumental medical knowledge for the correct use of EUS operative diagnostic techniques and medical devices for the diagnosis of various gastrointestinal and non-gastrointestinal disorders.

Final Ranking 

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The Course

The main objectives of the Master are to update the scientific background and to improve the clinical and the technical skills of the candidates in performing EUS.

At the end of the program, participants will have acquired the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for the management of EUS both from a diagnostic and therapeutic point of view.

They will therefore be able to access positions that require specific training in Ecoendoscopic ultrasound, as part of medical- surgical teams dedicated to the treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the biliary- pancreatic tract, mediastinum, upper GI tract and rectum.

One year
6 weeks over the course of one year, from September 2020 to March 2021
4 e-learning modules including lectures, videos, chat sessions and test + 2 weeks in Humanitas for observership and simulation + 4 weeks of hands-on activity in Humanitas
Credits (CFU)
Places available
8, assigned as per a qualifications-based ranking
€ 8.000 (course only) / payable in 2 installments
from January 21st to February 29th


The Master program has the aim of giving the theoretical and technical basis to perform EUS in autonomy, with the intent to obtain a correct locoregional staging and a biopsy in case of focal lesions. The participant will also be instructed in the preparation in situ of the cytological formulation.

The course will be divided into 3 different steps:

1. The first part will be attended online and it will concern the study of the specific scientific literature regarding indications of EUS, anatomy of mediastinum, abdomen and rectum, EUS diagnostic techniques, EUS operative methods, their outcomes and complications (4 modules).

2. The second part (5th module, step 1) will be attended in:

  • endoscopic room (1 week), where the participants will attend to 20 procedures (hands-off period);
  • simulation center (1 week) where the participants will perform procedures under supervision.

3. The third part (5th module, step 2) will be attended in:

  • endoscopic room (4 weeks) where the participants will perform 25 EUS procedure in a 1:1 tutoring (in vivo hands-on period)*.

At the end, the participants will prepare and defend a final thesis regarding EUS.

* For foreign students a specific approval by the Italian Ministry of Health is required; please read paragraph “Additional requirements for foreign students” for further information.

Core objectives

  • Proper use and indications of imaging methods of disease that require EUS;
  • Deepening of the indications for EUS in the context several diseases;
  • Definition of the technical and methodological aspects of diagnostic and operative endoscopic ultrasonography;
  • Clinical management of the patient, post procedure and follow-up;
  • Operational use of endoscopic drainage of pancreatic collections;
  • Management of adverse events;
  • Improvement of personal skills in EUS.

Lessons are scheduled to start in May 2020.

Admission requirements

This Course is intended for medical professionals.

Applicants may submit an application for participation in the selection procedure if they meet the following requirements:

  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery (LM – 41), or an equivalent qualification awarded by a foreign university;
  • Residency in Diseases of the Digestive System, General Surgery, Internal Medicine or an equivalent qualification awarded by a foreign university.

The equivalence of the foreign academic qualification will be assessed by the examining commission on its compliance with current legislation in the field, in Italy and in the country where the qualification was issued, in addition to international treaties and/or agreements on the recognition of qualifications. The University, therefore, requires a Declaration of value statement issued by the Italian diplomatic representatives in the country of issue.

Authorization for hands-on activities

In order to be allowed for the hands-on training part of the Masters, candidates are also required to provide further documents, including:

  • membership in a practical Medical Professional Association;
  • specific medical insurance to be presented upon enrolment.

These documents will be required directly to admitted candidates after matriculation completion.

Non-EU candidates or candidates who obtained their qualifications in a non-EU country are required to present a temporary authorization to perform the clinical activities by the Italian Ministry on Helth. Documents listed in Annex S (click here) will be required; we suggest start collecting them. Humanitas University will follow you throughout the entire authorization process.

If authorization is not issued by the Ministry of Health, these participants will take part in the EUS procedure as observers.

Admission Process

There are 8 places available. Admission is based on titles, qualifications and interview. The Commission takes into consideration the applicants’ CV, professional motivation.

To contact us, dial  +39 0282245609 or write to


How to apply

The application procedure is described below.

1. Registration on MyPORTAL

During the registration phase you will be asked to insert your personal data and at the end you will receive a confirmation email with your username and password to access the system and go on to the following phases of the admission process.


2. Application for the Master in Endoscopic Ultrasound

In order to candidate, access your reserved area on MyPortal (click here to login    ) using the username and password received via mail in the registration phase. Select Registrar’s Office from the menu on your left and click on Admissions test.

To complete the application, attach the documents listed below (each file must be a PDF not exceeding 2 MB):

  • Application form (Annex A) completed, dated and signed;
  • Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum complete with clinical experience in Bowel Ultrasound;
  • Copy of a valid document of identification;
  • Declaration of value (original) issued by the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the country where the qualification was issued, certifying that:

a. the qualification was issued by the competent authority in the country of attainment;

b. the admission requirements to the programme  (basic education);

c. the declarations made in the Application form have the same legal value as certifications as per the D.P.R. 445/2000;

d. the duration of the degree programme;

e. the authenticity of the signature on the qualification, and the legitimacy of the qualification itself (in the absence of such a certification of authenticity, the legalization of the certificate issued by the competent Authorities is required).

Information entered can be modified until the moment of submission of the application.

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3. Payment

On submission of the application, the system will automatically generate an email that confirms receipt of the application and that requests payment by credit card of the application fee of € 50 (including duty stamp).

The application is considered completed only on payment of the application fee. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid within the application deadline.

Receipt of payment can be confirmed by accessing the reserved area with username and password.

For further information please call 02 8224 5609 or write to


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