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The degree course in Physiotherapy at Humanitas University, taught in Italian, is a three-year university programme for a total of 180 university credits (CFU).

Physiotherapy uses specific techniques of therapeutic exercise and manipulative approaches on the locomotive system in order to treat the disorders of the motor function, which can involve the musculoskeletal, the nervous, the cardiovascular, the respiratory and the urogenital systems. Through physiotherapy treatments, patients can improve their motor function, regain autonomy and, consequently, increase their life quality.


Core objectives of Humanitas University

The goal of Humanitas University is to train physiotherapists with high professional skills and a solid methodological training.

During the three-year course students will explore the basic science, the clinical sciences and the main approaches used in all the areas of physiotherapy intervention needed to achieve professional autonomy (functional assessment, definition and extent of the treatment together with the definition of the objectives of the physiotherapy), with particular attention to the approaches supported by scientific studies and the most modern technologies used in physiotherapy, such as robotics and virtual reality.

Finally, on the occasion of clinical training, thanks to the tight integration between the University and Humanitas IRCCS , students will work together with expert physiotherapists of the highly specialized Humanitas Hospital and will be able to acquire advanced technical skills that will allow them to work in the neurological, orthopedic, sport, respiratory, cardiac and urogenital fields.


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