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Medical School Preparation Week


The Medical School Preparation Week is an intensive orientation and preparation course designed to help our future students face the medical admissions test and the following university course.
Interactive lessons will alternate with small group practical activities in which students will be encouraged to apply the learned content and to acquire an effective study method for the admissions test preparation.

New Preparation Week autumn 2016

This year Humanitas proposes a new week dedicated to logical and critical reasoning with experts in these fields of knowledge.
The course also foresees orientation activities through meetings with doctors and researchers directly involved into the training and research activities of the hospital and of the university.

Duration: 5 days – Language: English – Participants: 30 

Read the programme, the dates of the next editions, all the information on costs and location and how to apply.

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The course, preparing for the medical admissions test and the first year of medicine, lasts from Monday to Friday

It is an intensive course, that consists of 10 study hours a day for a total of 40 teaching hours. The hours include also the practical activities and daily feedback session.

Profs and subjects

The course will be taught by Italian and foreign university personnel experienced in interactive teaching within small groups, with specific competences in the field of logical and critical reasoning. 

Lessons will focus on logical and critical reasoning, main topic of the medical admissions test.


Teaching methods will include: frontal lessons, team work and practical activities.

At the end of each day there will be an assessment sessions on the content learned during the day, with the possibility of receiving immediate feedback from the teachers.

Costs and Location

The course will be residential and will take place at Humanitas University premises in Milan.

Two payment options are foreseen:

  • 700€ (no accommodation: the fee includes only the cost of the course and lunches) or
  • 1000€ (full board: course, accommodation* and all meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner)

*Accommodation will be provided in double room alongside Humanitas University campus.

Apply for the Med School Preparation

Applications are now closed. Subscribe here to receive updates on the next editions:


The application can be done exclusively online through MyPORTAL following the 3-step procedure described below.

The whole procedure – payment included – must be completed by the application deadline on penalty of exclusion.

The course fee shall in no case be reimbursed.

How to apply

Registration on MyPORTAL

Registration on MyPORTAL

During the registration phase you will be asked to insert your personal data and at the end you will receive a confirmation email with your username and password to access the system and go on to the following phases of the admission process.

Remember that the username and password are essential to browse your reserved area.

Application for the Med School Preparation

Application for the Med School Preparation

Applications are now closed. Subscribe here to receive updates on the next editions:


In order to participate, you must complete the application procedure by accessing your reserved area on MyPortal (click here to login) using the username and password received via mail in the registration phase. Select Registrar’s Office from the menu on your left and click on Med School Preparation.

During the application procedure you will have to choose your payment option (with or without accommodation). The choice is irrevocable.



The application is finalized only after the payment of the selected course fee, that must be completed within 2 days from the application date.

The payment can be performed by MAV, credit card or bank transfer.

The course fee shall in no case be reimbursed.


Humanitas University offers many editions of the Medical School Preparation Week every year. Applications open some weeks before each edition. The dates of the 2016-17 scheduled weeks are reported below.

Autumn 2016

  • from October 24th to 28th


Winter/Spring 2017

  • from February 20th to 24th
  • from March 20th to 24th


Summer 2017

  • from June 12th to 16th
  • from June 26th to 30th
  • from July 17th to 21st
  • from July 24th to 28th
  • from August 1st to 5th

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Videos of the previous editions

To find out more about the Medical School Preparation Week of Humanitas University listen to the students of the previous editions, our Scientific Director and professors:

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Our Students Say

Read here what students of the past Preparation Weeks say about us:

medical school preparation week“I found the medical preparation week completely worth the experience as it not only gave me a good sight into the IMAT but also gave me a good reason as to why I should be making Humanitas University as my number one choice for medicine.”

Muhammad IT, 19, Pakistan


“The Medical School Preparation Week at Humanitas was an amazing experience helping and motivating me for the next step: the test and, hopefully, the admission. I’d like so much to be part of Hunimed.”

Laura dB, 18, Italy


“There is no better way to figure out if this world could be the one you’d love to live in.

An efficient way to learn what is needed for the IMAT, to make really strong relationships, to meet delightful people and completely fall in love with that world. Thank you.”

Michela F, 18, Italy


“My experience in Humanitas was one of the most wonderful educational experiences I ever had because not only it gave me insight into educational life of medics but also a practical overviewof how my life will look like.”

Fateha B, 20, Pakistan


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